VAT Consultancy Services

VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

We register. We file. We guide. From taxation consultancy services to filing VAT returns, we help you through the process.  

VAT or Value Added Tax is an indirect tax in the UAE that is applicable to each step of your business supply chain. The introduction of VAT return filing in the UAE necessitates that your business adheres to rigorous legal regulations relating to VAT. Since every change in the business can have VAT implications, it’s advisable to work with qualified UAE tax consultants for VAT filing in Dubai or the rest of the UAE.

At MSI Auditors, our experienced team of taxation consultants and VAT advisors can guide your business through the VAT consultation rules and VAT filing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other jurisdictions, minimizing risk to enable growth.

All VAT filing includes establishing new accounting procedures and audits, compliant with VAT regulations in the UAE. Our tax advisors and VAT agents are experienced in ensuring the appropriate VAT services for your business.   

Our VAT and taxation services include:

  • VAT Consultation: After an assessment, we can ensure the correct VAT consultancy services according to the requirements of your business.
  • VAT Registration: We register your business(es) for VAT.
  • VAT Return Filing: We file VAT returns for your business.
  • VAT Compliance: We guide your business through VAT compliance rules.
  • Accounting Systems for VAT: We adapt your accounting procedures to align with new VAT-related requirements.
  • VAT Legal Formalities: We undertake other legal VAT formalities for your business.

We have been a top audit firm in the UAE for over 30 years and have guided numerous clients as tax consultants, featuring amongst the top Abu Dhabi tax consultants and winning plaudits for our VAT consultancy services in Dubai.