Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can bear heavy on the management of a company, since they come with high stakes and many elements that need to be factored in. Striking a good deal could set the business up for accelerated growth in the long-term or survival in the short-term.

Some crucial considerations like assessing the value of the company, the relative positions of the parties involved, modes of payment, and the attitude of management can affect the process.

At msi Auditors, our seasoned professional team, can assist you with pre-and post-acquisition strategies.

Mitigating Risks
Our trained team of professionals analyzes information and alerts clients of potential risks, if any, and finds ways to mitigate them through a comprehensive process of in-depth background checks, interviews and detailed research. This is critical to an organizations’ interest in a potential acquisition or sale. Our valuation and acquisition service helps expose and mitigate hidden risks of the transaction.

Due Diligence
We provide financial and operational due diligence services to assist buyers, investors or lenders in assessing a target organization’s business transactions. Our professionals also perform due diligence for investors on asset-centric acquisitions, quality of earnings analysis, as well as cash flow analysis. Our team makes every effort in early identification of unknown problems that could have a negative impact on the transaction and pinpoint under-performing assets or areas where poor operations have led to loss of profit.

Scrutinizing terms and conditions
We scrutinize terms and conditions that may affect an organization and help identify weaknesses and potential issues that may impact deal negotiations such as deal structure and terms of purchase agreement.