Revealed: How to Generate a VAT Group Registration in UAE

Steps to generate a VAT Group Registration in UAE explained below.

We have already spoken about how you can register a company for VAT. However, what if you have multiple licenses that you own, and want all of them to come under one Tax group?

Before we can get to the regulations, here’s a quick brush up on some basics: 

What is a Tax group? : All companies registered in a Tax group will be sharing the same TRN. All the companies will file one tax return together, every quarter (or month), when due. This is very useful in cases especially when multiple licenses have combined accounting.

You need to decide who is going to be the main representative member. You would be logging in from the representative members login portal to combine the remaining members. 

Unlike before the FTA now requires each member to be registered separately, before being added into a tax group. So make sure you follow the steps mentioned in our older guide for individual registrations before starting the grouping process.

After each member is registered you can go follow the 6 steps as explained below-

1. Initiate the grouping –

In the Dashboard of the representative company, you can click on VAT 102A Register for a Tax Group.

You would then be directed to a getting started guide, feel free to refer to those resources, if you need any additional information. Then, you will be asked if you are applying as the representative member, which you would have to answer “yes” to move ahead. You will notice that some fields will come pre populated, like the name, TRN and so on.

2. Members of a tax group –

As mentioned earlier, FTA now requests each member to be registered for VAT before doing the grouping process. Enter the TRN/TIN of the member firm and click verify.

Then click on “Add member to the group.”

A pop up will then appear, you would need to fill up the basic details of this member company. Then click on “Add member to the group”. Repeat the process again for each member that you would like to add.

You would then need to share information on if there was a pre-payment or down-payment in respect of any supply, part or all of which is to be delivered after any member has joined the Group.

3. Financial Information-

Like you provided financial information for individual member companies in their respective registrations, you would need to provide the same information but for the group in general.

4. Group Controller Information-

Here you would have to provide a flowchart of ownership structure, including each member firm. On top of the flowchart should be the group controller. This can be an individual (owner) or a company in this group.

You would then have to provide some basic information about the group controller.

5. Authorized Signatory Information –

Again this is similar to the individual registration, you would need to provide the details of the authorized signatory for the entire group.

You would also need to provide letters from each member company, allowing the representative company to be the representative member.

Confused about how to generate a VAT Group Registration in UAE? Contact us.

6. Review & Submit –

Once you are done with all the above steps, you can go ahead and click “Review” to review the application. Once you are happy with the accuracy of data provided, you can go ahead and click submit. 

There will be some back and forth with the FTA, as they may ask for additional information. Once the FTA is satisfied with your application, you will be issued a new TRN certificate with all the members.

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