The UAE government has put a lot of focus on innovation accelerators, in order to provide large scope for start-ups and offshore tech companies with employment gap especially in the technology sector. However, recent research has shown that there still remains a large gap in the IT job market in UAE. This shortfall of available jobs for graduated techies in UAE results from many reasons.

One such reason includes the lack of engineering facilities in UAE. Majority of American technology companies have branches here, but few engineering facilities. Most multinational technology companies operate in UAE for non-technological business purposes only.

These US based firms rarely have R&D facilities in the UAE, to hone local technology talent. Some people blame this to be primarily because of the price factor. Most American offshore engineering or R&D facilities are in China, India, Israel and Singapore where labour is known to be cheaper. It is for this reason that Dubai is not currently globally famous for innovation and technology.

However, experts claim that this, along with the government boosters, allows for a large scope for start-ups for technology and innovation in the UAE. This is especially true since there is large availability of local labour with the skillset required for the industry.

Tech graduates aspire to work in cutting edge technologies such as big data analysis, robotics and AI, which benefit start-up companies. This large scope for start-up tech companies, and offshore tech companies in UAE that hold technology facilities in the country is a major incentive for investment in UAE’s technology companies. However, start-up companies will also need to take care of financial needs, along with the innovation, and offshore companies will need to take care of the legal requirements in the country. This will increase in the near future due to the upcoming VAT in UAE. We, at MSI Alnoman and Ravi, are adept in start-up firms with financial requirements, offshore companies with legal requirements, and all firms with the upcoming VAT rules with our years of experience in the same field.