* The taxable person or the legal representative has to register on the Federal Tax Authority online portal.

* The online process will be simple and take about 15 minutes.

* The FTA portal will open soon on voluntary basis, and Q4 will be a compulsory basis.

* The supporting documents required will be

  • ID of Authorized signatory – Passport & Emirates ID
  • Trade License
  • Other official documents authorizing the entity to conduct business in UAE.

* The FTA will issue a Tax registration Number (TRN) for each taxable person after the registration within 20 days.

* The TRN must be used in all the communication with the FTA.

Before completing the form make sure to decide the following:

* Voluntary / mandatory registration.

* Single / group registration.

* Have all the supporting documents on hand to be uploaded.

* Some of the details asked in the online form will be

  • Description of activities
  • Last 12 month turnover
  • Projected future turnover
  • Expected imports and exports
  • Whether you have deals with companies in other GCC states
  • Details of customs authority (if applicable)


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