The United Arab Emirates facilitates great opportunities for modern business. It is known as the gateway to the Middle East. Economic activity in the UAE is governed by each of the seven emirates as well as by the Federal Government. Federal and individual authorities have created a business-friendly environment across the seven Emirates. Business laws are well organized with minimal restrictions. UAE offers a friendly business climate and is the most liberal and attractive in the region. Developed banking and financial sectors, high level of investor confidence and reputation of business environment have attracted multi-million-dollar investments from around the world.

An important aspect for organization of business in the UAE is the choice of correct status of legal entity. The choice of such status may depend on the location, strategic objectives and line of your business and other factors. Depending on where you are going to operate your business – on local or international markets – you should determine the type of legal form of potential company. The main advantages for an investor in UAE is no taxation, limited liability, privacy and asset protection. Our experienced consultants at MSI Alnoman & Ravi provide valuable advice to initiate, enter and position the company in the UAE successfully.

The companies in UAE can be broadly divided into three:

  1. Onshore/ Commercial Companies
  2. Free Zone Companies
  3. Offshore Companies