Below are few things to remember while filing tax returns:

  • VAT will be due in the end of each month or quarter. Within 28 days of the due date, the VAT return must be filed, if it is a weekend the deadline will be extended to the 1st following working date.
  • If the deadline is crossed penalties will be levied.
  • The filling of tax return can be done online on the FTA website, in either Arabic or English.
  • The tax has to be settled in the time of filing the return.
  • If more than the taxable amount is paid, a refund can be claimed or it will be allocated to a future period.
  • However, if a lower amount is paid penalties will be levied against the company.
  • If the taxable person becomes aware of an error in a VAT return filed or in the tax refund application in the last 5 years, the taxable person should attempt to correct this by filling a “Voluntary Disclosure” within 30 days of becoming aware of the error.

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